Hello, Readers.

It has been a long time since I posted an essay, this year has certainly been a trial for many people and I myself have been dealing with many changes to my work and personal life. However I still have a healthy passion for history blogging that has not dwindled over these strange unpredictable months. I am pursuing my career in education whilst maintaining range of other social media relating to history, all of which can be found among my links in the side bar.

The News that some of you may be happy to her is that recently joined a new team of history bloggers. It has been such a wonderful opportunity to be involved with many other great historians and history buffs. Our website explores thousands of years of history and makes time for other interesting outlets relating to history such as history book reviews, film reviews and Video game reviews. I have contributed articles relating to Psychological warfare and Medieval pilgrimage already but there are so many more topics available to capture your interest. I would be so grateful if you showed your support for myself and the rest of the team on The History Corner.

The History Corner

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